Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sea Vegetable & Kale Salad

This sea veggie & kale salad is light and delicious. With the weather being scorching it feels good to eat. Lots of it. Many times. Yes, I LOVE this salad. Good minerals from the sea veggies.
This is where I buy the Ohsawa Sea Vegetable Salad. You can add avocado, grated carrots, grated beets, anything that you love in your salad. This one I had today is the following recipe.

Oh and the dressing is delicious.

For one serving:
Soak some of the sea veggies for about 15 minutes, only soak a tiny bit, it does grow quite a bit.
Drain & chop.
Destem kale and cut into small pieces. I used 3 leaves.
Sprinkle shelled hemp seeds.

Dressing: whisk it all together. Adjust to your liking.
olive oil
nama shoyu
apple cider vinegar

Pour dressing over salad. Mix real well.

I sprinkled a bit of cayenne over it.

This is a super delish salad.