Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Mother's Saurkraut

My wonderful mother is spending a few months with us in Bahia, Brazil. We were talking about how impossible it is to find saurkraut here, which we all love to eat. So, to that she said, "I can make it". So she did, and now I will too and you can too! Thank you to my Anyu.

cut white cabbage into thin strips
add salt, not too much to begin with, can add more later
with hands squeeze all the cabbage for a few minutes
add a little vinegar, not too much
can add peppercorns, I added pink peppercorns
pat down in container
put a mesh cloth or cheesecloth over it
let it sit on counter for a few days
if there is sun, let it sit under it for a few hours
two to three days of this and it is ready.
being that it is summer here, ours was ready in one and a half days.
in colder climate, can leave for three days
it does shrink so make a lot if you love saurkraut or make in small batches.
refrigerate and enjoy the enzymes from it.
ours was delicious and so easy to make.


Earth Mother said...

We Magyars can't live without our sauerkraut! ツ

Ön élveznek a látogatás Anyu!

jessica said...

yes, we magyars definitely need our sauerkraut.