Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Flax/Sunflower Seeds Crackers

The sunflower seeds in these crackers give it a nice flavor.

Soak flax seeds overnight. The seeds soak up a lot of water, add more than double the water amount. Also, soak sunflower seeds.

Flax becomes gooey. Drain sunflower seeds. Mix the two seeds with spatula.
My mix was 2 cups flax (dry). 1 cup sunflower.
Add Himalayan crystal salt and any other spice you like or just keep it simple. Taste.

Spread on teflex sheets. Dehydrate about 7 hours, flip onto mesh of the tray and peel teflex off. Continue dehydrating until crisp.

Store in airtight container.

It's delicious with kale salad. Yum!


Vicky Z said...

just tried this recipe the other day. loved it

West Coast Family Chiropractic said...

Great article! Keep them coming!

Rawk Star said...

These look great. I love how the sunflower seeds are left whole - adds super crunch!