Saturday, August 28, 2010

Easy & simple

It's been a great hot summer here in New York. Keeping it simple is good.
Here are two items I have been repeating and enjoying.

1.Cut up peaches with sprinkled propolis.

With delicious, aromatic peaches and energizing propolis....yum.

2. Piece of lemon, piece of jalapeno (growing in my herb garden) to your liking and a squirt of agave into iced water, let it sit a bit. Refreshing.

I like the tingling on my tongue from the spicy pepper.

Hope your summer is healthy and easy.


Debra said...

Simple is best.. If we can get used to eating such a simple diet- we would all share abundant health!
It all looks yummy!

alexandria said...

jalapeno is water is a good idea. i'm going to try this.