Thursday, December 7, 2006

In the Raw

Most days I am eating raw vegan foods. For me it is the most complete way of eating. Feeling balanced within is so important. The choices of what to eat are abundant. I love discovering a new recipe I have not tried yet and playing with it if I do not have the exact ingredient. It always comes out delicious.
My skin was the first to let me know that I was doing the right thing by eating raw. In the past I would have eruptions and itchy skin. Now days my skin seems to be glowing.
Having been vegetarian most of my life and sometimes not, going raw felt like the most natural next step. I am dedicating this particular blog, "rawfood with jessica" to recipes, information, and anything in the raw world.


Kelli said...

Fantastic! I'm looking forward to learning from you.

Colette said...

Looking forward to learning more!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica - love the look of the page, that is something you'll have to share with me how to do. I've started blogs before but even I don't like them they look so bland.

About raw food, I like the idea, but somehow have a dread of actually trying it for any length of time. A 10 day liquid fast on the other hand did give me terrific results. There was nothing but tea, clear broths and fresh juices. My puffy knees were no longer puffy. Your body is happy when you do good things for it. Keep it up, I would love to at least give it a try.

Naturegirl said...

Jessica I am here and watching and learning.I sure hope I keep my sugar craving away! NG