Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Healthy Business

I became a certified raw food chef, instructor and teacher through Alissa Cohen's program, "The Living and Raw Food Diet". To understand it, live it and teach other's was my goal. I have been enjoying this amazing way of eating. I am not always 100% raw.....I am fine with that. I am vegetarian. To me it is a clean and healthy way of putting good things into my body.

The benefits of eating this way is immense.
skin is clearer and smoother
definitely have a slimmer belly
if weight is an issue, weight comes off easily
you can eat as much raw food as you want
have more energy
circulation improves
clear and alert
.......and so much more

If you are interested in purchasing any items relating to a healthy lifestyle with the living and raw food diet, please visit my site
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I highly recommend Alissa Cohen's book, "Living on Live Food".

It is a chunky book filled with life stories, nutritional information and great recipes.

I do receive a small commission on any purchases.
If you make a purchase, I do thank you in advance.


Em said...


That is fabulous.

Wishing you lots of luck and love.


Raw Vegan Mama said...

That is so cool! What an exciting time for you! :)

All the Best,