Friday, September 14, 2007

After the Flush

After the Gall Bladder/Liver Flush, I have been feeling clear and light. My insides want only very simple foods and drinks. Mostly fruits. Have been craving kombucha and drink it daily. I feel I am being extra careful. It feels so nice and nurturing. I touch my stomach, liver area as if sending it care and love....yes, that is what I am doing. Breathing into my liver and gall bladder. It is recovery time.

I made a light green juice today of:


Gina said...

Awh, care and love! What a fresh and frothy looking drink!

Gudl said...

I have a juicer, too.
Usually I just have carrot juice with a little apple in it.
Any suggestions what is good?

EcoDea said...

Jessica, the girl from the urban vegan blog mentioned the film in her blog and I commented that I hadn't heard about it here yet. I'll ask around though.

jessica said...

that is a nice juice carrot/apple.

for some time now I have been using a lot of greens in my juices and smoothies. optimal nutrients.

Gudl said...

I should give the green drink a try....and be more adventurous!!

urban vegan said...

amazing what the right food (drink, in this case) can do. glad they flushed out of your system. everyone in my family has had gallstones but me and I know they are terrible painful.

erica said...