Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Flush of the Gallstones

Last day of drinking apple juice. All 32 ounces were drunk in the morning. Had a very light breakfast of soaked raw oatmeal and a small cut up pear. Around noon some more oatmeal. After 1:30 nothing should be eaten.
About 1 PM a headache started to come on.
As the afternoon progressed I kept feeling sicker, nauseous, weak, a bit shaky and cold.
At 4 PM I went for a colonic. The bile ducts opened from the apple juice. Bile and toxins were releasing. That was the reason for the sickly feeling. Felt much better after the colonic. Even though there were several bowel movements throughout the day, it amazes me how much "stuff" is still in us when doing a colonic.

6 PM first glass of epsom salt drink. I did place half of a lemon on my tongue, way back onto the taste buds. This helped with not tasting the vile drink.
8 PM second glass of epsom salt drink.
10 PM olive oil and grapefruit juice drink. This was actually nice.
Laid in proper position for 20 minutes. Head propped up with pillows, higher than abdomen.
Was quiet, concentrated on liver. Meditated. Slept.

Next morning.
6 AM third glass of epsom salt drink.
Some watery bowel movements with gallstones (picture).They float. About 80+.
8 AM fourth and last glass of epsom salt drink.
Some more watery BM's with stones. About 50, then 60.
Later it was less and less stones. It appeared to be a total of about 200 stones.
I do not know if there were any calcified gallstones. They sink. I was not that adventurous to hunt for them.

I feel amazingly good. The whole experience was positive. For me the only part that was not pleasant was the sickly feeling before the colonic.

I am glad I did it. Will definitely do it again. Soon.


erica said...

Hooray! Isn't it *so* satifying? I should try the apple juice, I think I would have gotten more stones out. I also had a terible headache, but after I drank the Epsom salts, not before. What a wonderful clease this is, I think my digestion has improved a bit.

Anonymous said...

The results are amazing! I can't believe that can happen! LOL!

Thanks for posting about it!


Gudl said...

This is all new to me....
did you KNOW that you had gallstones?

jessica said...

apparently we all have these stones in the liver and gall bladder and needs to be cleaned out for better health. the book was so very informative, it inspired me to go ahead and do the flush. I did it as a preventative. click on the book and it will take you to the purchase area, if you like.

Gudl said...

thanks for the info!

folliculitis said...

Excellent information ... these tips on what to take and eat when suffering from bile are very good for my grandmother because I always have trouble with that