Friday, October 12, 2007


One of my favorite foods is the coconut.
Happy to be back in Bahia, Brazil.....consuming lots of coconuts.


get zapped said...

Yum! Love the pic, it could be two insect eyes or a small nut. Enjoy!!

urban vegan said...

I wish I were in Bahia, too, drinking a maracuja suco.

At least I can listen to the music, right?

Juan MDL said...

Hola Jessica
Me encanta el coco, pero no es fácil conseguirlo en Baires...
Siempre me digo que tengo que viajar más, jajaja!
Cariños linda y buen fin de semana

veganRising said...

I know wht you mean :)

Muitos cocos. And they taste diferent than the Thai coconuts we have in California.

By the way, you are in Bahia, try fresh cocoa juice with orange juice. :) Cocoa juice is white.

faça uma ótima viagem.


veganRising said...

Oi Jessica,

I will answer your question here.

Cacau (cocoa) != Coco (coconut)

Sorry for the confusion, I am suggesting you since you are in Brasil to find cocoa pulp juice, in Portuguese:

Suco de Cacau (it is refreshing white)

It is so delicious mixed with fresh orange juice and blended together :)

But you are in Brasil, there are an immense number of delicious fruits :) But sometimes can be hard to find the good stuff...

Hope you are having a Magic trip.

Try to go to Lencóis/Chapada da Diamantina, Itacaré, Morro de SP, Caraíva, etc :))))

Peace out.