Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kale Mango Strawberries Smoothie

At an Indian market I purchased a case of 18 mangoes. They use a lot of mangoes in their cuisine so it's a perfect place to shop for them. The price was great, $8 for the case.
Today this is my morning smoothie:
2 leaves of kale, stem removed
2 mangoes
4 strawberries
1 date
water to your consistency
drink or eat with spoon....delicious!


earthmother said...

You know, when I first saw all those mangoes, I thought "oh watch, she got those off a tree in her front yard!" :D

Thanks for the tip on the Indian market. Never would've thought of it.

jessica said...

would love to have a mangoe tree. they are huge and mostly giving mangoes.

VeggieGirl said...

18 mangoes?? You're all set, haha. Love the smoothie combination!!

Ecodea said...

Hummm. mango-strawberry, never tried that combination, sounds wonderful!

Noemí said...

omg i have to try this recipe! mangoes,kale,strawberries..whats not to love!