Monday, July 20, 2009

Carrot Ginger Pear Soup

carrot ginger pear soup

juice together:
ginger (choose the amount to your liking)

the above juice
pear - with skin, without pits
small amount of coconut oil
avocado (I used one for two servings)
ice cubes (optional), it's nice chilled

pour into bowls
top with chopped fresh herbs, any combo is delicious...I used spearmint, basil & chives
drizzle with olive oil

this is a gorgeous and super delicious soup, I promise!!


oceana said...

sounds and looks yummy! i will make it this week.

Miki said...

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Anneli Klinga said...

A very createve recipe!

Tami of BrooksGroth said...

Thanks for the recipe idea. I was in the mood for ginger and yet wanted soup for supper (I eat mostly raw vegan) so I searched and saw your recipe -- happened to have pears from our CSA box and carrots of course ... but not a lot of time, so I blended one small cucumber,a pear, a small apple and a bit of water first and then added in a big chunk of ginger, 3 med. carrots, some sea salt & coconut oil and blended it until smooth (soup button on Blendtec!) ... put some chopped mint over it as well ... very creamy and yummy! So, if you don't have juice on hand and don't have time to juice, you can try it that way too. Oh, I also had it gently warmed instead of cool because it's a rainy cool day and it was great. :-)

Tami of BrooksGroth said...

Forgot the part where I added a couple of big handfuls of greens (leaf lettuce) because I needed to get some blended greens in ... didn't affect taste, still yummy!