Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coconut Water, Youtube and Knitting

Spending 2 weeks in Bahia, Brazil......relaxing and soaking up some nice weather.
Today is a complete restful day.
Took a nap to the sound of the ocean, which was so needed.
Eating super light.
Had green tea earlier.
Beautiful, sweet watermelon, several times during the day.
Pitcherful of coconut water. Absolutely hydrating, feeling my cells drinking it up.
I might have a salad later, or some fruit.
Will take this opportunity to eat incredible fruits, will energize and detox this body.
Catching up with healthy youtube videos of Dan McDonald. Love his spirit, honesty and inspiration.
Oh and loving my knitting.
My gratitude for a blissful day!


Anonymous said...

Please eat a carambola. a pinha and a laranja lima for me!!!! and a lima too!!!!

Anonymous said...

not was me: Lisione! I just clicked on the wrong place...

VeggieGirl said...

LOVE knitting! :)

jessica said...

hi lisione, love the fruits here. the best.