Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bad, Very Bad.....but now Very Good!!

In my travels this week I had pasta and bread. Now that is BAD. Today, I woke up with my eyes puffy and my skin itchy and broken out. My body said "enough, no more". The only good part of this is that it is a reminder of how food affects us. I knew this would happen as it always does when I go this route, which is not often....very little. It was a bit of emotions, carelessness, stress of delays at airport, etc. Now I am settled in Bahia, Brazil for a few weeks with all it's wonderful, healthy fruits. I am getting back on track. Look at this beautiful fruit basket. The watermelon juice is all ready. Coconut water will be a daily ritual. Of course green smoothies too!


urban vegan said...

BAHIA? You are breaking my heart. It is one of my favorite places in the world....the music is like food to me.

Are you Brazilian?

Reading your post maes me realize I should eat much more raw is so insanely nutritious.

jessica said...

urban vegan:
yes, bahia is amazing.
i am not brazilian. we come to brazil several times a year and stay about 3 months. enjoying the beautiful weather and amazing fruits.
definitely, raw food is, as you say, "insanely nutritious."

Opal: The Raw & The Cooked said...

The watermelon juice is lovely! I agree eating the wrong things serves as a reminder of what will happen.


SweetKali said...

I'slipped' and ate a donut, not a donut, but an apple fritter, which is like a donut on steroids. That was my breakfast and by 12 noon, I felt so ANGRY. All that sugar for breakfast,rather than my usual veggie salad with a peice of fruit, messed with my head and I felt ANGRY with everyone and everything! I won't make that mistake again...I've learned my lesson! SW