Friday, July 27, 2007

Coconut Water

So happy to be back in Brazil for a few weeks. I absolutely love coconut water. It is hydrating and is full of electrolytes. I plan to drink as much as possible while in Bahia.


Ursula Jahara said...

Hi there! Nice RAW blog!!!

I am from Brazil, living in California right now. I have to admit... I MISS FRESH COCONUT!!! I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, and used to drink at least 2 young coconuts daily after my bike ride.

Anyways... just stoped by to say HI!

Enjoy Brazil!!


veganRising said...

Oi Jessica, Oi Ursula

Aproveite tudo ai no Brasil :)

Ursula, da uma chegada em alguns Asian Markets... Aqui no norte, eu pago $13 por uma caixa com 9 young coconut da tailandia. No Whole foods tb encontra por $2 each.

The taste is better in Brasil :) But the Thai cocnut is pretty good as well :)