Friday, November 14, 2008

Passion Fruit /Banana Frozen Cream

Blend in food processor:
frozen bananas
1 or 2 passion fruits, depending on size
coconut pulp
small handful of almonds

that's it. so easy. delicious.
do it.


Agnesss =) said...

Hey Jess!!

Ohh I just found your blog =))

It's great !! I think it's soo cool you're raw!! =D
I'm also eating RAW STYLE =D

Are you 100% RAW or HIGH RAW?? =))

This CREAM looks DELISH!!

I'd be soo happy to see a comment from you an my blog !! =D

Have a great time!!

Ecodea said...

Will try that tomorrow!! Sounds so yummy!!

On the jambo flowers, you have probably had the fruit in Bahia, they are so common here! There is the white kind (small, white and crunchy on the inside, pink on the ouside) and the red kind (softer flesh, larger, with a big seed like avocado). When they flower the whole ground becomes pink around the trees, so beautiful! Ah, usually not for sale in supermarkets (because they are everywhere!)

The Veggie Guy said...

Wow! It would be great to try these... unfortunately, they can't be found around here. :-(

Thank you for posting this. I added you to my blogroll.