Thursday, April 26, 2012

Omega VRT 350 Juice Extractor

I needed a new juicer. Did my research and decided on the Omega VRT350 HD. I knew that I would have to chop up the veggies smaller and that it is a low speed extractor, which means a little more prep and juice time.....but not too time consuming at all.

I consider myself a serious juicer person (daily) so the end result is super important. The low speed squeezes the veggies, creating minimal oxidation, high nutrition and maximum amount of juice. I used about the same amount of produce as I did in the past with my other juicer and definitely got more juice with the Omega VRT350, the pulp is much drier and interestingly the taste is definitely richer. I am very pleased.

I do recommend to cut celery and any other fibrous veggies into smaller pieces, the stringy pulp can clog the pulp exit if it is too large. My purchase was made at Discount Juicers. Cost: $379.99. Discount Juicers has some great videos on youtube comparing different juicers.

Get your juicer going!


jessica said...

I wanted to add that it also juices wheatgrass...super excited about that.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica:
Do you find this type easier to clean than a centrifugal type? I am looking at a similar type to your Omega, the Hurom slow juicer. Have a centrifugal juicer now, little challenging to clean with that mesh screen making me think about "how badly do I want fresh juice"? I have a great citrus juicer that I use almost each day.

Your thoughts?

jessica said...

Cleaning is easy. It comes with a brush and with the end of the brush you can push out any excess pulp. Most of the pulp comes out when juicing. The mesh hardly gets any pulp in it. Very easy cleaning.

Joan said...

Thank you for your help. The Omega and Huron appear to be very close in design. Personally I like some pulp in my juice, and never realized how filling 10 oz or so ov orange juice can be. I look forward to getting my new juicer!


Travis said...

I've heard the Omega 8006 is better if you prefer less pulp. The Vert 350 is very popular on our store and 9/10 have nothing but good things to say about it. Thanks.

jessica said...

Travis, yes, the 8006 is very good too. The Vert350 has hardly any pulp, if someone wants zero pulp, the juice can be strained.

Travis said...

I thought you might like to know has the same juicer for $368.99 if you use the coupon code wheatgrasshome when checking out.