Sunday, February 11, 2007

Avo, Carrot, Cashew Dressing, Nori Wrap

Cut nori sheet in half. Layer grated carrots, mashed avocado with sea salt, chopped scallions and cashew dressing. Wrap it up and devour it. Then do it again.

Cashew dressing:
soak handful of cashews
blend cashews & some of the soak water
little bit of orange juice or any other juice
1 date, pitted
few drops of orange essential oil
consistency should be creamy

I always have this dressing available. It goes with so many different things, salads and fruits. So delicious.


Opal said...

That looks lovely!

carlos said...

He seems delicious! THANK YOU for post in mine blog!I go to give more attention to YOUR blog and to perhaps try some things!Penalty not to understand very of English,in special of food names that can be different in Portugal!until briefing, thank you!
Do you understand Portuguese???

Roxy said...

Your cashew dressing looks fab! I was wondering about nori sheets...the only ones I've seen in the store are toasted nori, and I don't think I've ever seen raw nori. Where do you find raw nori? Thanks, and your blog looks wonderful, I'm really enjoying reading it.

Em said...

you can order it online through various raw sites.
I live in Japan - the land of the sea vegetable and yet I have to order it.

jessica said...

i buy raw nori in the health food store. if your store carries nori, ask them to order uncooked nori.

Jessica said...

Your dressing rocks!!