Monday, February 5, 2007

Skin Brushing -- Tongue Cleaning

As we take care of our inside body so should we take care of the outside body.

Body/Skin Brushing
The technique is a simple one. You will need a brush with a long handle. Skin brushing is done on dry skin. Start at bottom of your feet and work upwards, brushing the legs, then buttocks, then on to the chest and stomach. Brush more gently where the skin is thinnest and always brush towards the heart. For the arms, start at the fingers with raised arms. Brush down your arm, into your arm pits. Brushing your whole body in this way will take you between three and five minutes, depending on how many strokes you give to each area. Try to keep a rhythm going and brush for up to five minutes every day and preferably immediately before you have a bath or shower so that the dead cells are washed away. The acceleration of blood flow has quite an invigorating effect. You should be able to see the difference in your skin after just a few sessions - it will become very soft and develop an attractive rosy glow.

Good reasons for skin brushing:
Stimulates blood and lymph flow
Helps eliminate toxins from the body
Removes dead skin cells
Encourages cells to regenerate
Stimulates production of sebum
Helps combat cellulite
Results in smooth glowing skin

The body's largest organ is the skin. We now know that if the skin is not carrying out normal elimination, your lungs, kidneys and bowels will function poorly. Conversely, anything you can do to improve skin function will improve the function of the other elimination organs.

Face Brushing/Exfolliating
Tonya Zavasta, is a beautiful example on natural beauty. She practices her own teachings. Do read her suggestion on skin brushing. She has her own facial cream and offers a face brush too, Your Right to be Beautiful Cream. It is a beautiful cream and smells delicious.

Tonya also recommends to brush hair 50 times morning and evening.

I like to put pure rosemary essential oil onto my scalp 2 or 3 times a week. It is a hair strengthener and stimulator.

Tongue Cleaning/Scraping
This also is a very important practice. Here is the
tongue scraper that I use and recommend. Here is some more useful information on tongue cleaning.


Raw Vegan Yogi & Loving Life said...

What a fabulous post, I love skin brushing and do it before I shower every night. I just ordered Tonya Z's book too, so I'm excited to read up!

Opal said...

This is a fabulous post!
I started incorporating both into my lifestyle several years ago. Cold showers are also a great way to keep they lymph nodes moving. I also do sauna rounds it's another way to dump the gunk. ;-)
Scalp massages are another way to stimulate and promote hair growth. I usually do those at night. I use rosemary, ylang ylang (conditions and stimulates hair growth) geranium, cederwood, lavender, black pepper (circulatory stimulant.) I add it to water or sometimes a carrier oil such as coconut, jojoba, sea buckthorn, or meadowfoam oil. The essential oils mentioned are all great for the hair & scalp and they are a few of the many oils that promote hair growth. Over the years I've read a lot about Essential oils, attended lectures, and taken numerous classes about the benefits of essential oils.

risa said...

i must try this! and t he rosemary oil too! mayve it will help with my thin hair.

Kelli said...

So interesting! I've honestly never heard of skin brushing before.

Harmonia said...

I love your blog!

I', at:

Naturegirl said...

Heh I am ahead of you I have been skin brushing for years!! I do have the softest you know that is what they say...they well I can't tell! thank you for all your great advise!

Gina said...

Love ur little pics too, so pretty : )

Anonymous said...

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Timothy said...

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Anonymous said...

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