Saturday, February 17, 2007

Karen Knowler

I have not yet met Karen Knowler, but I feel like I know her. Her informative and caring site is valuable. Full of pure, good, healthy raw food information. The following is her latest Feature Article. Sign up for her weekly, free eZine. Enjoy!

Food, S*ex, Power and Freedom
Last week I discussed raw foods and weight loss, and made a special mention about looking at things that, even though we might think we want to lose weight, can often subconsciously hold us back. This week I promised you “Food, s*ex, power and freedom”. Hmmm, I do like to set myself bold challenges!My first inspiration for this article actually came back in August last year. Some of you may recall that this was when American raw food educator and s*ex expert Roe Gallo (pictured) came to visit the UK, lecture at my home and stay with me for a few days. We had a ball. What a woman.Roe, I think, is a great role model. She’s in her 50’s but looks so much younger and her joy and enthusiasm for life are truly infectious and inspirational.I found it interesting that Roe was discussing s*ex so openly, or more specifically, beliefs about s*ex. I haven’t seen this done in raw foods so far and was interested to see what she had to say and how she delivered it.Well, she did an excellent job. And that’s probably not easy, because food, s*ex and power are all very emotive issues. So emotive (but potentially so incredibly transformational) that we have decided to run a class together at some point this year... Now, I’ll be completely honest with you when I say that putting fingers to keyboard to write this article has been slightly daunting! I know that because these issues are so emotive there may be a bigger response to this article than potentially any other so far. Plus it’s a subject I have never written or spoken about before. Well, I guess it’s time... it seems to come up for everyone eventually.Continue reading this article online

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Opal said...

I found her website last year. Currently I haven't ordered any of her books.

African Kelli said...

VERY interesting. I've been on her site before and I'm pretty sure it is because you led me there. Hope you are having a great week J!